Meet Andrew Coughlin.  The artist and meticulous craftsman behind AC Grayling, LLC. 

Andrew's passion for the sea and building go hand in hand. Having grown up on and around boats all over the world, Andrew's love for the sea, classic wooden boats, and adventure started at a young age. Not long after a 10 year career as a climbing guide for NOLS and various outfitters, Andrew followed his passion for building and boats at the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) in Newport, Rhode Island.  Since then he has helped restore renowned yachts in New England for over 10 years, namely the 1913 Herreshoff NY50 Spartan at the acclaimed MP&G. After 4 years serving as Spartan's captain, Andrew returned to his original passion for building and creating with the start of AC Grayling, LLC. 

Andrew now lives in Tiverton, Rhode Island with his wife, Maria.

Our Story

In 2014 AC Grayling, LLC opened its doors with the hope of joining two passions: fine woodworking and all things related to the sea. Andrew's combined skills in wooden boat restoration, a dedication to authenticity, and a knack for detail are the winning formula for his work. His unique collection of furniture is nautically inspired with plenty of curves and varnish in each piece. 

Our collection is built with our favorite, hand selected woods - teak, mahogany, and white oak. Though we do love a good piece of walnut, butternut or elm to be incorporated in our work. We strive to use only the highest quality lumber and handpick each piece to assure the best selection. 

AC Grayling, LLC stands behind its brand with superior craftsmanship, the highest quality of woods and finishes and extraordinary designs to fit each room, space, and client.