Hanging Sleigh Bed 

There is no night's sleep like the one you have on a boat. Gently rocking with the waves, the soft noise of the water slapping against the hull, and that sway that puts you to sleep right after sunset. Add a glass of wine, cool summer air and cozy sheets - you will have the best night's sleep. Guaranteed. 

That was the inspiration for the "Gloriana" Hanging Sleigh Bed. Built of mahogany, stained and finished with several coats of polyurethane, this twist on a classic sleigh bed hangs from the ceiling with bolts through the ceiling beams. Natural New England line is fastened to bronze cleats on each of the sideboards at the head and foot of the bed. The bed is lifted one foot off the ground for comfortable access on and off. Perfect for two sleepy sailors.  



The "Gloriana" hanging bed is named after Andrew's all-time favorite wooden boat. Built in 1891, "Gloriana" revolutionized the yachting world and the designer Nathaniel Herreshoff with its radical bow and large sail plan. A New York Times reporter said, "It is no exaggeration that this Herreshoff boat will attract attention this summer." We feel the same way about our "Gloriana" hanging sleigh bed. 


Queen Size Bed (Customizable) 


Mahogany + Natural New England Line + Bronze Cleats